Nicolas de Quatrebarbes


I am Nicolas de Quatrebarbes, French, 45 years old. I have been living abroad for the last 23 years, 17 of these in Germany.

I am an entrepreneur – biculturalism is at the heart of my professional parcours. For many years I have been a managing director and advisor for a wide range of firms, supporting the rebuilding, developing and market placement of companies such as Cartier, Girard-Perregaux, Piaget and Audemars Piguet. I have used the trust placed in me to form international relationships, build partnerships, and create teams.

I am a frontier worker – at home in more than one country, networking across borders, immersed and detached in equal measure. I scrutinize things critically, and with understanding. I am an expert on France to the Germans, and a connoisseur of Germany to the French, answering questions on each country's situation and attitude from both sides of the border.

I am curious – about people, culture, nature, and sports: my passions. I draw inspiration from the rich diversity of multifaceted social milieus, cultural circles, and ways of life. Disparity attracts me; new challenges stimulate and excite me. I can offer fresh perspectives, provide food for thought, and build bridges.

Things are on the move in Germany and in France. I am intrigued to know where both nations are headed: what changes are on the cards, what values are maintained. I can see what connects the two countries on historical, economic, political and social levels, and what divides them. For a long time my expertise and network have been aimed at facilitating the development of enterprises and individuals. Now, I also want to use my skills to tell their stories: real stories from France and Germany, from people of both countries who face up to the challenges of our time with personal courage and entrepreneurial vision. I want to create a platform – online, on social media, in the press – for individualists, teams and projects across all walks of life and from every métier. I want to accompany them on their very own adventure for a little bit of the way, shine a light on them and ask questions: about their work, their tasks, and their ambitions. I am here to present their thoughts and beliefs – and mine –, to philosophize, to provoke, and to trace lives so far known to only a few.

I have started meeting some of my protagonists. Any suggestions and ideas are welcome – I am ready.